Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Study Guide - Mid Term

6105 Spiritual Theology
Mid-Term Study Guide
Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Dr. Anthony Lilles

Please note: There have been some modifications to the study guide and to the mid-term exam instructions. This superceeds my instructions in our class today.

Choose One of Three Essay Questions (500 words to be written before the exam -16 points and due on Thursday, October 20):
1. How do the specifc means that dispose to the gift of wisdom related to precepts and counsels?
2. How is Christ the life of the soul?
3. How can the Scriptures be used effectively to promote the spiritual life?

12 selected questions from the following 18 (responses not to exceed four sentences or six lines handwritten - 7 points apiece and tested on Tuesday, October 18):
1. What is the nature of spiritual theology?
2. How is the ultimate end of the divine economy anticipated in this life?
3. What does it mean to participate in the glory of God?
4. What is the nature of Christian Perfection?
5. Theologically, why is charity the primary element of Christian perfection?
6. How does the Father send the Son and the Spirit spiritually to the soul?
7. What does St. Paul mean by “the renewal of the mind”?
8. What is the mystical life?
9. What is purity of heart and how is it attained?
10. How should a soul conduct itself in the face of diabolical temptation?
11. What is the difference from venial sin and an imperfection?
12. Concerning temptations of the flesh, how are counsels directed towards desire for pleasure related to those directed to horror over suffering?
13. What is the purpose of the Gifts of the Spirit in the spiritual life?
14. What are the counsels for entering the active night of the senses?
15. What distinguishes the stages of spiritual growth?
16. How are prayer, fasting and almsgiving related to the means of spiritual growth listed by Jordan Aumann?
17. What does the purification of the internal senses involve?
18. What are three things someone can do that specifically dispose to fear of the Lord?


Anonymous said...

Regarding #2 - I'm confused about exactly what is the ultimate end of the divine economy. In your notes on the Goal of our Striving you state, "What is the ultimate end of the divine economy?
Perfect unity of creatures in with the Trinity" Yet in many other places or your notes and in the book it states that the ultimate end is the glory of God and man's santification is the secondary end. I just want to make sure I don't put down the wrong thing. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What is the active night of the senses? Do you mean the active purification of the senses or the passive dark night of the senses. I've searched the Blog and book and can't seem to find reference to an "active night of the senses."

Anthony Lilles said...

active night of the senses refers to the active purgation of the senses(what we can do by cooperating with grace to purify the external senses (touch, taste, sight) and the internal senses (imagination, memory) as opposed what is done by mystical grace (the passive night or phase of the night of the senses).